Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS-251 #140501 for sale

ID: 140501
Blowers CFM: 164.0 Power rating: 230/460V, 3-phase.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS-251 is a high-performance helium diffusion pump designed to generate high vacuum in a wide range of applications. This multifunctional pump can be used for both diffusion pumping and high-vacuum pumping. It is equipped with a rotary vane pump, which provides optimized performance for a wide range of applications. The rotary vane pump is driven by a three-phase motor, which is capable of providing up to 8 kW of power. The design of WS-251 allows for a wide range of pressures from atmospheric to pressures below 10-2 mbar. It also has the capability of operating in temperatures ranging from 0°C to 150°C. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS-251 features a zero-maintenance rotary vane pump, which utilizes the power of a pair of vanes to achieve a high level of vacuum. This type of pump requires no periodic maintenance or lubrication, allowing the pump to operate continuously. The overall design of this pump makes it suitable for applications in laboratories, production and research. Additionally, WS-251 is equipped with a gas ballast, which helps to inhibit water vapor condensation. The gas ballast is adjustable from 0 to 100% of inlet gas flow rate and is capable of ramping-up for faster rise times and higher pumping speeds. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS-251 is also capable of regulating its performance to meet the requirements of any particular application. This is done by the use of its integrated control system, which monitors the machine's operating parameters and provides feedback to the user. The control system also provides the user with adjustable gas-flow and speed settings, as well as auto-tune and intelligent run-up features. Overall, WS-251 is a high-performance and reliable helium diffusion pump that can be used to create a wide range of vacuum pressures. It is equipped with a rotary vane pump, adjustable gas ballast, and integrated control system that enables the user to achieve optimal performance in any application. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS-251 is an excellent choice for all levels of laboratory, industrial and research work.
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