Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS-251 #9081116 for sale

ID: 9081116
Blowers CFM: 179.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS-251 is a compact, high performance, oil-sealed rotary vane pump ideal for a variety of scientific, industrial, and medical applications. The pump features a robust steel housing with a hermetically sealed aluminum or copper compression chamber and a single, smooth-running, direct-driven vane motor. Its noise insulation technique helps to ensure near silent operation, and the hermetically sealed compression chamber eliminates external leakage and condensation. Air throughput is between 20 and 760 liters per minute, and ultimate pressure can be as low as 0.05 mbar. Its pumping speed is adjustable during operation and can be monitored in real-time. EMS vacuum gauges can be connected to the pump, allowing for an accurate indication of the desired operating condition. WS-251 also offers a low-maintenance design, with minimal servicing and self-diagnosis potentials. Its innovative vane mechanism ensures extended service intervals. When evacuated, the pump can be flipped without need for re-evacuation, allowing it to be serviced rapidly and with minimal costs. Its vacuum valve system also means that all components inside the compression chamber are easily accessible. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS-251 also offers enhanced safety features, such as an independent soft-start system and a thermal protection arrangement that helps protect it against excessive temperatures. In addition, the pump is designed for simple integration into automated systems, with easy start-up and signal indication. It is also supplied with available options, such as a digital vacuum gauge with preset values, digital pressure regulator, and various pump heads for convenient interchangeability. WS-251 is an ideal pump for control-execution tasks, allowing the user to adjust the speed of the machine according to actual demand or preset goals. Its versatile design and extensive safety features make it well suited to a variety of applications. It is an economical way to increase production efficiencies in a variety of industries.
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