Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS1001 #143075 for sale

ID: 143075
LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS-1001 is a high-performance vacuum pump that is designed for use in laboratories and industrial applications. This pump offers reliable and efficient operation for a variety of applications, such as degassing, leak testing, and packaging. It is equipped with a powerful and durable oil-lubricated rotary vane motor and other features that provide efficient operation and long service life. WS-1001 offers the convenience of a built-in control panel that can be used to control the vacuum pressure and other settings. The display also provides information on the current vacuum pressure, as well as service intervals. This is particularly useful in industrial applications, where vacuum pressures require regular monitoring. The pump features a vacuum chamber that has been optimally designed to provide low noise and vibration levels and high efficiency. This allows the unit to operate at high vacuum levels over a wide range of applications. The motor for LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS-1001 is designed with rigorous tolerances to ensure optimal performance. It has been designed to provide a durable and reliable performance and is equipped with a low-pressure, oil-coupled, low-noise filter. This filter reduces the risk of contamination in the vacuum environment, enhancing the performance of the pump. WS-1001 is easily maintained with a range of high-quality accessories, including a refillable oil supply, lubricants and sealants, filter replacement tools, and an oiling procedure manual. This allows the user to keep the pump in peak operating condition, ensuring the best possible performance. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS-1001 offers an excellent solution for a variety of applications, providing users with a reliable and efficient vacuum pump that can handle a wide range of applications. Its efficient operation and low-maintenance requirements make it an attractive choice for a variety of laboratories and industrial applications.
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