Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS1001 #9081126 for sale

ID: 9081126
Pump 707 CFM.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS1001 is an advanced and reliable high vacuum pump and is suitable for various applications requiring high pumping speeds. It is a dry running, direct drive, self-priming, high-pressure rotary vane pump with a maximum displacement of 6 cfm at an operating pressure of 10-5 Torr. The pump features a two-stage direct-drive design which helps reduce noise levels and enhance performance. The main rotor is precision-finished and the pumping chamber is lined with ceramic material for excellent wear resistance. The motor is direct-driven and is enclosed in a thermally-insulated housing, providing a very high level of efficiency while maintaining silent operation. The 14-inch diameter vacuum chamber features stainless steel vanes that are slotted in two directions for improved efficiency in high-vacuum applications. A thermostatically controlled cooling fan helps dissipate heat from the integrated compression chamber. The internal recirculation system helps reduce oil contamination and provides improved lubrication. WS1001 is extremely reliable and easy to operate and maintain. The mechanically sealed inlet and outlet connections feature quick-release connection flanges for rapid installation and service. The conical gas ballast helps protect the pump from gas bearing vapors. It also has a displacement measurement port for easy monitoring of the performance parameters. The robust construction of LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS1001 makes it an ideal pump for high-pressure applications. Its sealed motor design ensures maximum protection against dust and dirt contamination. The pump has an impressive performance record and is capable of pumping high-vacuum applications with great accuracy.
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