Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS WSU-1001 #133138 for sale

ID: 133138
Booster pumps (Qty 1) with Fomblin (Qty 1) Muffin fan.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS WSU-1001 is a rotating piston pump designed for dry running, which means that it does not need any external cooling or lubrication of internal components. This pump is capable of pumping a variety of different substances, including gases, liquids, and vapor up to 20 m3/hr. The pump is made of highly durable, corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel and other alloys, providing a long service life. WSU-1001 features a double-acting rotating piston design, making it highly efficient with minimal power consumption. This design also reduces friction, allowing for a longer and smoother operation. The pump is able to generate high compression ratios between 1:1 and 10:1 with a vacuum capability up to 0.4 mbar for ultimate performance. Additionally, it has a low noise level operation and low pulsation performance, allowing it to fit into any environment with low disruption. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WSU-1001 is suitable for a variety of different applications, including those in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and wastewater industries. The pump is easy to operate and maintain, with adjustable speed, suction, and pressure control systems. It is also available with a selection of accessories and seal fluids, making it a suitable choice for any environment or application. WSU-1001 is capable of operating with a wide range of pressures and temperatures, providing reliable and consistent performance. The highly durable design of the pump ensures an increased lifespan with minimal downtime. Additionally, it is a safe choice due to the low noise level and lack of external cooling or lubrication which reduces the risk of fire or toxic emissions. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WSU-1001 is a high-quality, reliable pump with a variety of different features which make it suitable for any environment or application. With its low noise level, low pulsation performance, low power consumption, and durable construction, WSU-1001 is an ideal choice for the any dry-running pumping application.
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