Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS WSU 151 #9081109 for sale

WSU 151
ID: 9081109
Pump, 108 CFM.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS WSU 151 is an oil-sealed, rotary vane pump designed for high-vacuum applications. This pump is ideally suited for working in laboratory, industrial, and process applications that require pumping speeds up to 152 liters per second, while operating on a single phase 50 Hz voltage. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WSU151 features a corrosion-resistant zinc-plated steel body with a cast iron impeller that is dynamically balanced to ensure low vibration operation. The pump is made compact and lightweight, allowing it to easily fit into tight, confined areas while delivering powerful vacuum performance. The high-efficiency, oil-sealed rotary vane principle allows WSU-151 to produce reliable high-vacuum performance for a variety of applications, such as research laboratories, industrial food processing, semiconductor manufacturing, and pharmaceutical production plants. The pump features a built-in by-pass valve equipment to ensure pressure is regulated within the desired range. Additionally, integrated vacuum controls allow precise adjustments of the pressure range when using solvent vapors, solids, and condensables. WSU151 also includes a gas ballast valve to protect the internal pumping components from cold-smear and hydrocarbon condensates when handling corrosive or mildly reactive gases. A separate exhaust port helps to ensure that the pump exhausts at the proper location, while integrated noise insulation helps to reduce operational noise dramatically. WSU 151 also features an automatic oil drain to reduce maintenance. The automatic drain valve collects and removes oil from the pump system while keeping the oil compartment clean. This helps to ensure that the vacuum performance will remain stable in the long run. With an adjustable internal structure, LEYBOLD HERAEUS WSU-151 is easily serviced and repaired without having to remove the casing. It also comes equipped with thermally protected motors and includes a built-in alarm unit and a silencing exhaust machine for quieter operation. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WSU 151 is the perfect choice for ensuring reliable, high-vacuum performance and a long service life.
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