Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS WSU 2001 #9081780 for sale

WSU 2001
ID: 9081780
LEYBOLD HERAEUS WSU 2001 is a robust and reliable single-shaft, turbomolecular vacuum pump designed for high-flow pumping of air and gases. It operates with up to three stages, depending on the application. It is powered by an external voltage source operating at 635V, 4.2A at a frequency of 50/60 Hz and operates between 13,500 rpm and 16,500 rpm. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WSU2001 utilizes a non-contact sliding bearing system with ceramic sleeves to provide long-term durability and low vibration levels. Its core consists of a high-pressure chamber containing a compressible-gas bearing and a low-pressure chamber containing a mechanical bearing. The sliding bearing seals for the gas bearings and the mechanical bearing creates a virtually leak tight seal between the pump and its environment. The compressor section of the pump consists of an impeller with fixed scroll vanes, as well as an adjustable set of scroll vanes. This provides the pump with variable compression, allowing for a wider range of operating pressures. The adjustable rings are used for fine-tuning the discharges and is adjustable by an adjustment knob. WSU-2001 is also equipped with an operating temperature limit function. The pump houses a temperature limitation switch to enable the temperature limit to be adjusted easily without the help of an external device. This allows the pump to operate reliably in environments with a wide range of temperatures. WSU2001's non-contact bearings, adjustable rings, and temperature limitation switch, in combination with its low-vibration design, make it ideal for use in a wide variety of industrial, laboratory, and research applications. This highly efficient pump is also capable of reaching extremely high vacuum levels, up to 10-9 mbar.
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