Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS WSU 501 #9090898 for sale

WSU 501
ID: 9090898
Dry pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS-U 501 is a precision pump designed for use in a variety of applications. The WS-U 501 is a high-end pump that is reliable and efficient for the most demanding applications. It is a single-stage, dry-running, oil-sealed vacuum pump that has a pumping speed of up to 5.5m3/h. Designed for process efficiency, LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS-U 501 offers low ultimate pressure, high pumping speed, low ultimate gas throughput rate, and low noise operation. It has a simple yet robust construction which ensures reliability and durability for long-term operation. It can operate continuously even in the presence of water vapor and other corrosive contaminants. It also provides automatic alternating operation, providing a consistent vacuum level over time. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS-U 501 features a closed loop system that monitors vacuums and maintains the desired pressure. This ensures highly accurate and stable pressure and temperature conditions throughout the process. It also features an automatic pressure regulator to ensure that the set pressure and temperature levels are constantly maintained. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS-U 501 is equipped with a Class 0.6 mbar ultimate pressure instrument so that process settings can be adjusted and monitored at all times. The vacuum pump is also fitted with an electronic over-pressure protection safety circuit with adjustable audible and visual alarms. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS-U 501 is a reliable and robust pump that is suitable for applications in chemistry, physics, materials science, electronics, automotive, and many other industries. It is a highly accurate pump that is designed to meet the rigorous needs of a variety of processes. It is a reliable and efficient vacuum pump solution that offers precision and consistency throughout the process.
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