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ID#: 156225







Wafer Size:


Equipment Details:

Atomic layer CVD reactor, 8"
6" to 12" Capable
Compatible with a Polygon cluster tool
ESC-compatible single wafer ALCVD process module
Deposition temperatures: 200° to 400°C
Throughput: up to 20 wph
Growth rate: up to 200 /min
Uniformity: < 1.2% within wafer; < 1.3% wafer to wafer
Control rack: not included

Semiconductor applications:
High-k gate dielectrics for advanced CMOS (EOT approaching < 1 nm)
Diffusion barriers for copper metallization
Dielectric layers for memory capacitors and RF applications
Passivation layers
Dielectric and metal layers for integrated passives and MRAM
Films for optical applications with different refractive indices
Thin films for large-area flat panel display (FPD) applications
Dielectric layers for GMR and TMR magnetic heads

Power requirements: 400 VAC, 3 phase, 50 / 60 Hz, 22A, 11 kW
2000 vintage.
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