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An ASML Frame is a type of reactor used in the semiconductor industry. It is a tool used to create semiconductors with precise patterns of patterns of elements which are used in electronic components. ASML Frames are classified into two types: CVD (chemical vapor deposition) and PECVD (plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition). A CVD ASML Frame is a horizontal vacuum chamber filled with precursor gas. Inside the chamber is a wafer rotating above a filament which is heated to create a thermal reaction. The reaction causes the deposition of a thin film of a predetermined material - usually silicon - on the surface of the wafer which forms the subsequent pattern for the semiconductor. A PECVD ASML Frame works similarly to a CVD frame. In this frame, the precursor gas is ionized by the discharge from a plasma generator. This increased reactivity of the gas molecules results in a faster deposition rate than CVD, but restricts the type of films that can be deposited. It also requires more advanced components to maintain the plasma, leading to higher complexity of the frame. In either ASML Frame type, the entire process occurs in a vacuum chamber. This is essential as the reactivity of different molecules is largely dependent on the pressure of the environment. Since the process happens in a vacuum, no air can get in, ensuring that only the intended molecules are used for the deposition process. The wafer is kept in place by a chuck which immerses it in the vacuum chamber and prevents it from deteriorating due to thermal degradation. In addition, the chuck is able to move the wafer against the filament, further improving the accuracy of the deposition process. Usually, the movement is controlled by software or electronic controls. Finally, the last important component to ensure uniform film coverage is a protective bottle. This bottle is filled with a solvent to protect the wafer from the high temperatures which are generated during the deposition process. The bottle also prevents particles in the air from settling on the surface of the wafer and forms a barrier against airborne contaminants. In conclusion, Frames are necessary components in the semiconductor industry. They allow precise deposition of thin films which are critical for the production of reliable and consistent electronic components.
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