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  • AMRAY 3800

    AMRAY: 3800

    SEM with Kevex detection unit.
  • HITACHI S-8840

    HITACHI: S-8840

    CD SEM, 8" Upgraded to 3" to 8" wafer capability CD measuring size: 130-160nm, consistently Version 11.7 S/W or newer SECS/GEM Communication Interface Additional hard disk drive (>1GB) VRT board w/ 8 mb of memory DSP compatible conductive wafer holder Hitachi Hi Tech Electron Gun Accelerating voltage, 500V to 1300V, 10V steps Probe current, 1-16pA at 800V, 1-10pA at 1000V, 1-13pA at 1300V 3 Stage Electromagnetic Lens System Objective Lens: 4 opening click stop, heated aperture is selectable/adjustable outside the vacuum system 2-Stage Deflection Scan Coil Astigmatism correction via an 8-pole electromagnetic coil Magnification = 1000x to >150000x Field control method ; Continuously on for sample decharging, at all voltages Wafer imaging ability; Entire surface of 8"" wafer Depth of focus: >= 1.0mm at 80000x magnification Resolution: < 8nm at 700V - 1000V (or < 6nm with optional retarding voltage), < 6nm at 1000V - 1300V Retarding voltage: Optional at <= 800V for improved resolution Hitachi Probe Tip Optical Microscope System: Image is Monochrome, using CCD camera, Magnification is 110x, Wafer imaging X & Y coverage from 5-195mm , notch down Dual XY Hitachi Microscale Workstation, HP B180L Error Tracking Software Multipoint Measurement Function Edge Roughness Function Contact Hole Measurement Function Automated Image Archiving Function Ergonomic Cassette Flipper Option (2 flippers - one per load port) Operations Manual and Documentation.
  • JEOL JWS 7515

    JEOL: JWS 7515

    Wafer inspection SEM.
  • HITACHI S-2300

    HITACHI: S-2300

    SEM Resolution: 4.6 nm Accelerating voltage: 0.5 to 25 kV (selectable in 35 steps) Magnification: 20 to 200,000x Maximum specimen diameter: 150mm Specimen goniometer stage: Noneucentric: X: 80mm Y: 40mm R: 360° T: -20° to 90° Z: 30mm Super eucentric: X: 32mm Y: 32mm R: 360° T: -90° to 90° Z: 30mm Automatic control: brightness / contrast, focusing, astimatism correction Memory function: magnification presetting (desired 2 points), accelerating voltage memory, specimen position memory Signal processing: Gamma control Image display and recording: commercial TV scan, slow scan (4 steps), reduced area scan, waveform, photo scan (3 steps), twin photo, automatic data display Configuration: Column unit Display Oil rotary pump Auto transformer Standard tools Spares and consumables Instruction manual.
  • HITACHI: S-9200SA

    CD SEM system, 8" Workstation: Model : B2600 O/S :HPUX Software Version : 18.35ev15 IP Read : 5.4~16.1pA(Low mode) CD measurement principle: Cursor and line profile measurement CD measurement range: 0.1 to 2.0 um Secondary electron image resolution: 3nm Image magnification: SEM image; 500 x 300,000 Optical microscope image; about x110 Specimen stage: Movement range X and Y: 0-200mm Stage drive: Pulse motor Control and speed: max. speed 100mm/s Wafer loader: Wafer transfer from cassette to loader chamber: Auto transfer via wafer transfer robot Wafer transfer from loader chamber to stage: Auto evacuation and auto loading Wafer transfer robot system: random access using (2) cassettes Wafer detection in cassette: Auto detection via wafer searcher Chucking method: Vacuum chucking on back of wafer Orientation flat/ V notch detection: non-contact auto detection via optical sensor Electron Optics: Schottky emission type Accelerating voltage: 500 to 1600V Lens system: Electromagnetic condenser lens system, booster objective lens Secondary electron detection: Scintillator/ photomultiplier detection system Objective lens aperture: Heating type movable aperture Scanning coil: 2-stage electromagnetic type (X, Y axes) Probe current monitoring: Faraday cup incorporated, with automatic measurement function Optical microscope: 1.2 mm square visual field, monochrome image Control and display system: Viewing control CRT: 21 type monitor Scanning modes: TV scan, HR scan, SLOW scan Image processing: Software processing using filtering Saftey device: Equipped with emergency off switch CD measurement data processing system: File storage Storage media: Hard disk (2GB), 3.5 type magneto-optic disk, 3.5 floppy disk Data processing function: statistics scanning using worksheet system Printout: 80-character thermal printer Evacuation system: Evacuation principle: Full automatic dry & clean evacuation Vacuum pumps: (3) Ion pump, (2) turbo molecular pump, (2) oil rotary pump Safety devices N2 Gas source (for leak): Gas pressure: 200 to 660 kPa Outside Diameter of connecting tube: 6um Compressed air source (for valve drive) Air pressure: 600 to 880 kPa Outside diameter of connecting tube: 6mm Vacuum source (for auto loader) Vacuum pressure: P= 1.3 to 21.3 kPa Outside diameter of connecting tube: 6mm. VIPS and Cognex are missing Currently warehoused 2000 vintage.
  • HITACHI S-8840

    HITACHI: S-8840

    CD Scanning electron microscopes (SEM), 6"-8" Parts system Wafer loader Controller and display unit Upgraded to 8840 with (2) detectors EVAC Power supply Currently warehoused 1995 vintage.
  • LEO 435VP

    LEO: 435VP

    Scanning electron microscope, (SEM) Resolution: 4 nm 5 axis computer controlled stage is mounted in a specimen chamber measuring 300 x 265 x 190 mm.
  • HITACHI: S-6200H

    Scanning Electron Microscope.

    Confocal laser scanning microscope.
  • JEOL JSM 6340F

    JEOL: JSM 6340F

    SEM Specifications:   a. Performance SEI Resolution : 1.2 nm guaranteed (Acc. V. = 15kV) 2.5 nm guaranteed (Acc. V. = 1kV) Magnification : x 25 (WD 25 mm) to x 650,000 Accelerating Voltage : 0.5 to 2.9 kV (10 V steps) 2.9 to 30 kV (100 V steps) Probe Current : 2 x 10-9 to 10-13 A Image Mode : SEI, LEI   b. Electron Optical System Electron Gun : High-resolution Conical Anode Field Emission Gun with Cold Cathode Alignment : Mechanical and Electromagnetic Deflection Condenser lens (C.L.) : Electromagnetic 2-stage zoom lens Objective lens (O.L.) : Superconical CF (corrected field) lens O.L. Apertures : Variable, 4-step click-stop type   c. Specimen Stage Type : Fully Eccentric Goniometer Movement :  X = 50mm, Y = 70mm, Z = 23mm Tilt = -5* to +45* Rotation = 360* endless (motor driven) Motorized movement for all 5 axes   d. Specimen Chamber Max Specimen size : 100mm or 4inch diameter Specimen Exchange: Airlock type (100mm dia. or less) EDS Detector : WD = 15 mm Take-off Angle = 20*   e. Display System Display Tubes Observation: One, 17-inch color CRT Recording : One, 5-inch ultra high resolution short-persistence CRT Scanning Modes : PIC (Full, ½ & ¼ frame), Bright-up, line Profile, Spot Display Modes : NORM, WFM, D-MAG, YZ Mod, FREZ, DUAL Display, Different magnification Images Auto Functions : Auto Focus, Auto Astigmatism Correction, Auto Contrast & Brightness Image Memory : 1280 x 1024 x 8 bits.
  • HITACHI: 7000

    STEM, crated.
  • TOPCON: LS-750

    SEM, 6" 1994 vintage.

    CAMBRIDGE: S 200

    SEM Windows 7 upgrade Scanning system DISS 5 standard edition/communication USB 2.0 Hardware: X-/Y-scan, 2 analog signal inputs without counter inputs Software: without mapping and enlarged point measurement/line scan 19" rack (containing the electronics), 10 HU without housing, without desk Backplane and power logic with interlock system Central USB 2.0 interface for control and communication Plug-in card with 8 bipolar current sources (Beam alignment, image shift, stigmator) Plug-in card with X-/Y-scanning power amplifier / current sources (Magnification coarse/fine, scan rotation, tilt correction X/Y filament image) Plug-in card for objective and 2 condensor lenses / power current sources (focus coarse, fine, spot size) Plug-in card with 8 analog unipolar/bipolar control outputs /voltage (gun: HV, filament emission, SE: contrast, brightness, grid; aux: contrast brightness) 2.9. Power supplies for electronics, lenses and coils SE-amplifier module (Amplifier with offset; adjustable 1,5 kV for PMT, power supply SE-preamp SE-high voltage module (10-12 kV scintillator-high voltage and adjustable grid voltage Control module for gun-high voltage of SEM (Control of HV, filament, emission, emission current measurement, optional: power supply) Adaption of the vacuum and HV interlock of the SEM to the interlock-system of the SEM-upgrade (Vacuum-gun-HV-interlock; Stage SE-HV-interlock) 19" rack fitting in the SEM housing Schottky Thermal Field Emission (TFE) source Point-to-point Resolution of <3nm* High Beam Current. (10pA to >100na) Improved low voltage (1kV) performance TFE “Schottky” Source PC controlled. Reduced Downtime and Cost of Ownership Fully reversible AND transferable upgrade Kit for variety of Tungsten (W) SEM models including JEOL, Hitachi, FEI, Zeiss and others. External and internal magnetic shielding 30 KeV Schottky Field Emission Source Mechanical Assembly: x1 Thick walled stainless steel chamber One Schottky Field Emission Gun Unit Differential pumping tube and UHV valve Internal mu-metal shield 55 I/s ion pump and power supply (optional) External mu-metal shield YPS High Voltage Power Supply: Remote high voltage supply unit with: Fibre optic link High voltage cable with Discharge Management YPS Schottky Field Emission Gun Unit: Pre-aligned™ YPS Schottky field emission module (HV-30) YPS Software Interface: USB interfaced fibre optic output to the remote YPS HV power supply Software from the system PC to controland monitor the Schottky field emission module.
  • JEOL: JWS 7550

    Wafer inspection SEM Currently in storage.


    Scanning / Transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) 0.34 nm point-to-point Resolution Gatan Tridiem 863 CCD 2k x 2k Camera Vacuum: diffusion pump with mechanical RP Gun: Schottky FEG 20 – 300 kV Automatic aperture system Imaging: STEM, HAADF, BF/DF 2k x 2k CCD Spectroscopy: Edax EDS Gatan 863 Tridiem Holography (Bi-Prism, and Gatan Holoworks) Lorentz Tomography (FEI SW and tomography holder) EFTEM EELS Lens control Sample holder: Single tilt compustage High visibility double tilt low background holder Tomography holder 2006 vintage.
  • HITACHI S-2700

    HITACHI: S-2700

    Scanning electron microscope (SEM) Noran 643C-1SSS EDS 1992 vintage.
  • JEOL 2000EX II

    JEOL: 2000EX II

    Transmission electron microscope (TEM) Goniometer: +/-60º Tilt / Rotation stage: +/-60º.
  • ESE: US-500P

    Screen printer 50mm - 460mm.
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