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ID: 293645408
Vintage: 2011
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) 2011 vintage.
HITACHI S-5200 is a scanning electron microscope (SEM) designed for the purposes of high resolution imaging and advanced sample analysis. The device is able to provide excellent detail of a wide variety of specimens and offers a great deal of versatility. HITACHI S 5200 has a fully digital control equipment, which allows for a wide range of operational adjustments and makes the device extremely user friendly. The digital image processing included in the system also makes it easy to obtain high quality images with minimal time and effort. The device is designed with a large field of view, allowing images to be obtained of large samples without needing to change the focus of the SEM. The detector unit featured on S-5200 is capable of providing a wide range of detection modes, from secondary electrons to X-rays. This allows for a range of imaging and analytical methods, allowing for a great deal of flexibility in the machine. The device features a high resolution, back-illuminated CCD camera which is able to provide quality images with excellent contrast. S 5200 is equipped with a unique "stigmatech" stage, which is able to facilitate nanoscale imaging with a high degree of accuracy and precision. This stage is capable of a wide range of movements, including tilt and rotation, in order to fully explore any sample. It also has an automated stage, allowing for rapid scanning of samples and greater ease of use. The low vacuum design of HITACHI S-5200 prevents damage to the sample, while still offering an excellent imaging capability. The device is also equipped with an electron gun, designed to provide an accelerated voltage of 0.1 to 30kV, with a small beam current of up to 1mA. This allows the operator to inspect a wide range of materials, such as conductive and non-conductive samples. Overall, HITACHI S 5200 is an excellent scanning electron microscope, featuring a range of features which make it well suited for a variety of applications. From its user-friendly digital controls to its powerful detection capabilities, S-5200 provides a great solution for those looking for high resolution images and sample analysis.
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