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ADT 7100
ID: 293626633
Dicing saw.
ADT 7100 Scribing / Dicing Equipment is a precision cutting instrument designed for micromachining applications. This system is capable of achieving high quality results for the cutting of a wide range of materials, including some of the toughest materials. 7100 has a highly precise cutting head that can travel in all three axes of motion with extremely high accuracy. The speed and accuracy of the head movement can be controlled with a joystick and other control knobs, allowing for a smooth, precise cutting experience. The cutting head also features a secure head configuration, which ensures that all cutting operations are carried out equally and with consistent results. ADT 7100 also has a double-acting air chuck, which allows for consistent clamping force when securing a material to the cutting surface. 7100 is a fully automated unit which is configured with a comprehensive software suite. This software is designed with a user interface that makes operation of the machine easy to understand and control. The software also has built-in safety measures which keep the tool operating safely. The software suite also enables advanced control of the cutting parameters, allowing for tailor-made programs to be tailored to the requirements of each application. ADT 7100 has several other features that make it an excellent choice for micromachining applications. The asset is able to make very thin and thin material cuts with great accuracy. The model features a dielectric spindle, allowing for efficient cooling when cutting with a conductive material. Additionally, 7100 also features a superior air pressure foot backup equipment which ensures that the foot pressure against the material is maintained when scribing and cutting. ADT 7100 is an excellent system for the production of micro-components, printed circuit boards and other micromachining applications requiring high precision and accuracy. This unit is impressive in its ability to produce micro-components with a high level of accuracy and consistency. The software suite, along with its other advanced features, make 7100 a powerful and versatile choice for achieving high-end results in micromachining applications.
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