Used AFTEX 7600L #293627565 for sale

ID: 293627565
Wafer Size: 6"
Sputtering system, 6" (2) Targets.
AFTEX 7600L is a high-performance, medium-load sputtering equipment designed for the most demanding deposition tasks. It currently stands as one of the most advanced and reliable sputtering systems available. The system is able to produce high-quality coatings with a uniform thickness, allowing it to be used in various disciplines such as optics, electronics, and semiconductor systems. 7600L can sputter up to 8 samples at a time, and is capable of reaching temperatures up to 1000°C. It also offers a variety of advanced temperature and pressure sensor options that allow the user to monitor and control the deposition process in real-time. AFTEX 7600L operates on an advanced modular design that makes it easy to expand and add different components as needed. It is equipped with a large chamber, allowing for larger targets and targets of different shapes and sizes. It is also equipped with an advanced manifold unit that is able to precisely control the flow of gases such as Ar, N2 and CO2. This ensures optimum substrate temperatures and reaction times. Moreover, 7600L comes with automatic wafer tuning capabilities for increased uniformity of coating thickness. This feature also features pulse mode and adjustable pulse duration, allowing for optimal layer adhesion. The pulse mode also offers an adjustable pulse height setting that can be used to selectively sputter areas of interest. Finally, AFTEX 7600L impresses with its safety features. It comes with an independent safety valve and fuse, as well as a protective safety shutter machine. This ensures that all safety protocols are followed and that the chamber is completely sealed during deposition. Overall, 7600L is one of the most powerful and advanced sputtering systems on the market. It provides a variety of features that allow for precise and consistent coatings, allowing users to achieve their desired results with ease. Its modular design and automated tuning capabilities further make it an ideal tool for a variety of deposition tasks.
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