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    Sputtering system Multi-purpose experimentation Leybold Turbovac 1000C Turbotronik NT 20 Combivac CM31 TRivac D40B / AF 40-65 Siemens SIMATIC C7-624.
  • PERKIN ELMER 2400-8J

    PERKIN ELMER: 2400-8J

    Load lock sputtering system, (4) targets.
  • VARIAN 3290

    VARIAN: 3290

    Sputtering system, 6" (3) Quantum targets (1) Etch NW3000 Control system: Components 12.1" Touch monitor NW3000 Software with Win7 Wafer process controller Wafer loader controller I/O Box Cassette motor controller: Components Stepping motor & Sprocket Motor Cable 1998 vintage.


    Electron Beam Evaporation System 25.5-inch diameter x 12-inch high stainless steel, water-cooled deposition chamber designed for waist high substrate loading and unloading 25.5-inch diameter x 20 inch high stainless steel, evaporation source chamber with model VV-400 View Vac view port with Teflon film CTI 400 On-Board cryogenic pump CTI 9600 Helium compressor Mechanical vacuum pump Auto / manual vacuum valve sequence controller Ionization gauge and thermocouple gauge controller Inficon IC6000 Auto/Manual Deposition rate / process controller CV-14, 14kW electron beam power supply with X-Y beam sweep controller Temescal Four (4) pocket electron beam gun with crucible indexer Source shutter assembly fully integrated with deposition controller Substrate tooling for Lift-off deposition process System manuals Optional: Neslab HX350 air cooled water chiller / recurculator 1991 vintage.


    Photo Catalyst (Hydrophilic Mirror) Sputtering System, 8" Specifications: Single-wafer load lock Supports wafers up to a maximum of 8" (5) processing chambers (Sio2: 2 layer, Tio2: 2 layer Inverse sputtering with our original cup gun method Heating unit included Wafer size is 265 mm, Effective real coating diameter is 248 mm Coating uniformity: ±4% Vacuum pump: TMP (Turbo Molecular Pump) and Rotary Pump Mass flow control: MFC and Flow check Main configuration: Sputter Chamber: SiO2 + TiO2 + Sio2 (Total working chambers: 6) Heating Chamber, Loading, unloading, Control panel, Utility Gauge, Panel, Emergency Button Sputtering chamber configuration: Cooling Plate Magnet Target: Reactive magnetron, Oxygen Sputter Chamber Heating chamber configuration: IR lamp heater Upper and lower heater Control panel: Main breaker Emergency SW Interlock release Plug Vacuum gauge Pirani Gauge (1, 2, 3; H, M, Low vacuum check) Bourdons Vacuum Gauge Pulse generator: Power Supply: DC: 16 ea Power Breaker: 16 pcs.

    SHIBAURA: CFS-12P-100H

    Coating ( Sputtering ) system for optic device and other process, 3"-6" Wafer loading 4" case up to 21wfs Batch type Al2O3 Deposition system RF soft etching Heating ( 200C ) Three 8" targets RF 5Kw generator for deposition and 1.5Kw for bias 1998 vintage.

    PERKIN ELMER: 4400

    Sputtering systems, 6" 4 Target Lock turbo CT8 Cryo Auto gas Auto pressure control Currently de-installed 1987 vintage.
  • PERKIN ELMER: 4480

    sputtering systems.

    MAT-VAC: MVT-94X

    Sputtering system Dual level load lock CTI-8 cryo pump Simultaneous processing of 12" x 12" pallets DC Magnetron, RF Magnetron and RF diode sputtering capabilities 24 V DC components Single and bi-directional substrate scanning modes Vacuum gauging controls: Granville Philips 307 and Digivac Proteus interlock water flow switches 208 V, 100 A, 60 Hz Includes: MAT-VAC modular electro-pneumatic valve bank Hydraulic pump/motor and all lines (2) Electro-pneumatic gate valves for process chamber and load lock with position sensing.
  • VARIAN: 3180

    Sputtering systems, 4" Parts machine.

    Sputtering system Substrate size: 105 x 105 mm Taget: 75 mm Cryo pump 1990 vintage.
  • ULVAC: CERAUS Z-1000

    Sputtering systems.
  • ULVAC: MLX-3000N

    Sputtering systems.

    Sputtering system, 1994 vintage.
  • ULVAC: SV-9040-T14

    Sputtering system.
  • ULVAC: SIH-3030

    Sputtering system.
  • VARIAN 3290

    VARIAN: 3290

    Sputtering system, 6" (3) Target assemblies: Conmag II Station 1: Heated etch with AE RF-10 power supplies Station 2: Heater table with conmag II Station 3: Heater table with conmag II Station 4: Heater table with conmag II (4) Temperature controllers: Eurotherm 818 Controller: Fluke 1722A modified with flash drive and floppy drive Multimeter: HP 3438A Ferrofluidic transfer plate feedthru grade (3) Ferrofluidic shutter feedtrhu upgrades Ion gauge controller: Varian 880 Remote power supply panel, digital readout Etch matching unit controller with digital readout meters RF RWD and REFL remote meter panel Cryo pump: CTI CT-8 with SC compressor Dry scroll mechanical pump: no Power supplies: Target 1: inner 2.5kW, outer 12kW Target 2: inner 2.5kW, outer 12kW Target 3: inner 2.5kW, outer 12kW Currently warehoused 1989 vintage.
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