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SIGMA is a well-known manufacturer of sputtering equipment, offering a wide range of advanced and high-performance equipment for thin film deposition. Their sputtering systems are renowned for their reliability, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology. One popular model is the SIGMA 1000 Sputtering System, designed for both research and industrial applications. It features a compact design, allowing for easy integration into any lab or production line. The SIGMA 1000 offers a range of deposition techniques, including DC magnetron sputtering, RF magnetron sputtering, and reactive sputtering. One key advantage of the SIGMA sputtering units is their flexibility. They can accommodate various target materials, substrates, and deposition parameters, enabling users to tailor their thin film coatings to specific requirements. The machines also offer excellent film uniformity and control, ensuring consistent results across large substrate areas. The SIGMA sputtering tools are equipped with advanced monitoring and control features, such as precision power supplies, real-time process monitoring, and automatic deposition rate control. These features ensure accurate and reproducible results, making them ideal for applications in semiconductor, optics, data storage, and more. Some examples of SIGMA's sputtering assets include the SIGMA 8000 Sputtering System, designed for high-throughput production environments, and the SIGMA 2000 Sputtering System, providing advanced capabilities for R&D applications. With their exceptional performance and versatility, SIGMA's sputtering models have gained a reputable position in the thin film industry.

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