Used TRIKON / ELECTROTECH (Sputtering Systems) for sale

TRIKON/ELECTROTECH is a well-known manufacturer of sputtering equipment that are employed in various industries globally. These systems offer a range of analogues, each designed to address specific requirements. One of their popular models is the MS 6210. This system boasts a compact design, making it ideal for laboratories and small-scale production lines. It offers a high level of control and stability during the sputtering process, ensuring consistent and precise results. Another noteworthy system from TRIKON/ELECTROTECH is the Delta 201. This model is characterized by its versatility and flexibility, accommodating a wide range of substrate sizes and materials. It is equipped with advanced technology, such as magnetron sputtering, to enhance the deposition process. The MS 6210-II is an improved version of the MS 6210, featuring additional enhancements to boost productivity and efficiency. It incorporates advanced control units and automated features, reducing operator intervention and minimizing errors. This model is highly popular among manufacturers with complex production demands. The sputtering machines manufactured by TRIKON/ELECTROTECH offer various advantages. They ensure high-quality and uniform thin film deposition, leading to enhanced product performance. These tools are also known for their durability, reliability, and ease of maintenance, contributing to long-term cost savings for the user. In summary, TRIKON/ELECTROTECH's sputtering assets, including the MS 6210, Delta 201, and the MS 6210-II, provide an array of options to meet different application needs. Their advanced features, superior control, and proven performance make them an excellent choice for industries requiring precise thin film deposition.

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