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Novellus Equipment is a leading manufacturer of sputtering systems that are widely used in various industries including semiconductor, flat panel display, and data storage. Novellus offers a range of sputtering units with advanced features and capabilities to cater to different application requirements. One of the popular sputtering machines from Novellus is the MB2. This system provides excellent film deposition uniformity and control, making it ideal for applications like seed layer deposition and barrier film formation. Another notable sputtering system by Novellus is the XM 90, which is designed for high-volume manufacturing and offers improved process efficiency and repeatability. The MBB 830 is another advanced sputtering system that provides superior film quality and thickness control for applications such as copper barrier and tungsten deposition. Novellus sputtering tools have several advantages. They offer great film uniformity and thickness control, ensuring consistent and reliable deposition results. These assets also feature advanced process monitoring and control capabilities, enabling precise and accurate film formation. Novellus models are known for their high productivity, with faster cycle times and increased throughput. Novellus sputtering equipment have been widely adopted by industry leaders in the semiconductor, display, and storage industries. Their reliability and advanced features make them suitable for various applications, including metallization, interconnects, etch stops, and hard masks. In conclusion, Novellus sputtering systems, such as the MB2, XM 90, and MBB 830, offer superior film deposition performance, advanced process control, and high productivity. These units have been successfully utilized in a range of industries, making Novellus a trusted provider of sputtering solutions.

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