Used VARIAN / INTEVAC (Sputtering Systems) for sale

Varian and Intevac are renowned manufacturers of sputtering equipment, offering a range of cutting-edge solutions for thin film deposition. These systems are widely used in industries such as semiconductors, optics, electronics, and display technology. Varian/Intevac sputtering units are known for their precision, high performance, and reliability. They employ magnetron sputtering technology, which uses magnetic fields to increase ionization and target utilization, resulting in improved film quality and higher deposition rates. The machines are designed to handle various materials, including metals, oxides, and nitrides. One notable sputtering system from Varian/Intevac is the MDP-1100. It is a versatile, multi-target platform suitable for both research and production environments. The MDP-1100 offers excellent uniformity, best-in-class film thickness control, and high throughput. Its advanced process control capabilities ensure reproducibility and yield optimization. The advantage of Varian/Intevac sputtering tools lies in their user-friendly interface, allowing for easy operation and maintenance. These assets also possess advanced automation features, such as load lock capabilities, that enhance throughput and reduce downtime. Overall, Varian/Intevac sputtering models offer advanced technology, exceptional performance, and versatility, making them ideal for a wide range of thin film deposition applications.

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