Used EMITECH / EDWARDS (Sputtering Systems) for sale

EMITECH / EDWARDS is a reputable manufacturer of sputtering equipment offering a wide range of analogues with various models such as the K575X and K750. These systems are designed to provide accurate and efficient sputtering processes for various thin film deposition applications. One of the major advantages of EMITECH / EDWARDS sputtering units is their high reliability and precision. These machines are known for their advanced control features, enabling users to achieve highly uniform and repeatable thin film coatings. They offer excellent deposition rates and allow for precise control of deposition parameters such as gas flow, pressure, and target voltage. The K575X model, for example, is a versatile sputtering system suitable for both research and development as well as production environments. It is equipped with advanced features like multiple cathode configurations, automatic shutter control, and in-situ process monitoring. The K750 model, on the other hand, is specifically designed for large-scale production applications. It offers high throughput, precise process control, and excellent film uniformity. Overall, EMITECH / EDWARDS sputtering tools provide solutions for a wide range of deposition requirements, offering high reliability, precision, and flexibility. With their advanced features and capabilities, these assets are well-regarded in the industry and are trusted by many researchers and manufacturers worldwide.

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