Used ALCATEL / MEIVAC HEDA 2460 #9233936 for sale

ID: 9233936
Vintage: 1994
Sputter deposition system RF Diode, 17" Batch load Throughput: Overhead for wafer load: 2 Hrs Pumping and venting plus deposition time: 3+ Microns / Hour Wafer capacity: (20) 3" Rounds (12) 4" Rounds (9) 5" rounds (5) 6" rounds Ultimate pressure: 2 x 10^-7 Torr Sputtering process: RF Diode Size, 17" square Uniformity: 3% 1 Sigma (10 mm Edge exclusion) 1994 vintage.
ALCATEL / MEIVAC HEDA 2460 is a versatile sputtering equipment designed to deposit thin films of material on substrates. It is a high throughput sputtering tool, capable of producing uniform film deposits with excellent step coverage and surface quality. MEIVAC HEDA 2460 is engineered with various components and features that provide precise control over the sputtering process. At the heart of ALCATEL HEDA 2460 is a magnetron that feature an internal magnet which creates a high magnetic field at the sputtering source. This allows the plasma to reach a temperature of up to 10,000 K, enabling high sputter rates. The system also includes an ion source which provides ion bombardment and surface hardening of the films. In addition, the unit offers an in-situ shutter, allowing for the deposition of multi-layers with precisely defined thickness and properties. The machine also offers a programmable controller which enables the user to precisely define the deposition parameters for each layer. These include pulse width, power level, and frequency of deposition in order to meet any specific process requirements. This ensures optimal control of the deposition process and its overall performance. The controller also monitors the deposition process, providing feedback on sputter rate, uniformity, and reproducibility. This allows the user to quickly adjust parameters to ensure uniform deposition, and predict the deposition behavior. HEDA 2460 also offers a touch screen display which provides an intuitive interface for accessing all the features and settings of the tool. This allows the user to conveniently adjust parameters, monitor the deposition process, and store recipes and deposition recipes for future use. ALCATEL / MEIVAC HEDA 2460 is the best choice for complex thin film deposition processes, providing speed, flexibility, and precise control of thickness. These features make it a cost-effective solution for producing high-performance sputtered thin films across a range of applications.
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