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NOVA is a leading manufacturer of wafer grinding, lapping, and polishing equipment used in the semiconductor and electronics industry. Their advanced technology and innovative designs make them stand out in the market. The wafer grinding systems offered by NOVA, such as the NovaScan 210, are equipped with high-precision grinding tools that ensure precise material removal from the wafer surface. These units are designed to deliver exceptional grinding accuracy, resulting in superior wafer flatness and thickness uniformity. The NovaScan 210, for example, utilizes advanced laser measurement technology to accurately measure the thickness of the wafer during the grinding process, ensuring optimal results. NOVA's lapping machines are designed to achieve ultra-flat and smooth surfaces on wafers. These tools utilize advanced lapping plates and slurries to remove any remaining surface irregularities and improve the overall flatness and quality of the wafer. The lapping assets offered by NOVA are known for their high throughput and excellent control over the lapping process. For polishing applications, NOVA offers state-of-the-art polishing models that provide consistent and mirror-like finishes on wafers. These equipment employ innovative polishing pads, slurries, and precision control mechanisms to ensure exceptional polishing performance. NOVA's polishing systems are well-regarded for their high productivity, reliability, and ability to achieve surface finishes within the required specifications. Compared to their analogues, NOVA's wafer grinding, lapping, and polishing units offer several advantages. These include higher precision, improved throughput, superior control over material removal, and the ability to achieve tighter tolerances. The advanced technology and design of NOVA's machines ensure consistent and high-quality results, enhancing the overall productivity and efficiency of semiconductor manufacturing. Examples of NOVA's wafer grinding, lapping, and polishing tools include the NovaScan 210, NovaScan 409S, and NovaPol 560. These assets are widely used in the semiconductor industry for various applications, including wafer thinning, back grinding, wafer planarization, and CMP (Chemical Mechanical Planarization).

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