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ID: 293637142
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CYBEQ 6100 is a wafer handler designed to process wafer products from start to finish. It is equipped with a proprietary transfer robot arm, as well as several other components, to ensure accurate and secure handling of wafers and associated parts. The transfer robot arm lifts wafers, measuring up to 8 inches in diameter, from one position to another to facilitate the overall handling process. 6100 is capable of gripping and transferring wafers with a motorized carrier. It also features a three-point suspension equipment that enables precise and consistent rotation of the wafer, as well as automated bump and bevel control. This ensures that the wafer is flawlessly transported to the next station. The wafer handler is designed to function with a variety of wafer shapes and sizes. By utilizing a full/ half wafer mode, as well as an oscillation lifting movement, the subtle changes in product size can be accommodated during a single process cycle. The suspension system also enables CYBEQ 6100 to support and transfer large wafers without causing any warping or distortion. 6100 also boasts an advanced teach-and-repeat mode, which allows for quick setup and operation. Additionally, an on-board data logging unit can be used to track and analyze the performance of the handler during production. This provides users with invaluable real-time insights and helps ensure quick, accurate, and secure handling of complex materials and products. CYBEQ 6100 is designed to be both reliable and efficient in its operation. Its unmanned, fully automated machine requires minimal operator interaction and requires less maintenance due to its robust design. Its robustness also extends to its mode-setting and parameter capabilities, which provide users with the flexibility and stability needed to maintain consistent performance. Overall, 6100 is an advanced wafer handler that is designed to process complex materials and products with accuracy, reliability, and efficiency. It features a number of useful components and capabilities that enable it to provide secure and consistent operation across a range of product sizes and shapes. By utilizing its unique teach-and-repeat mode and data logging tool, users can quickly and accurately process wafers from start to finish.
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