Used ASM WS 896 #9134186 for sale

WS 896
ID: 9134186
Vintage: 2007
Chip scanners 2007 vintage.
ASM WS 896 is a state-of-the-art wafer stepper designed for cost-effective production. The machine employs a curved field illumination equipment with excellent feature control, allowing for the production of microstructures with a high degree of accuracy. Featuring a superior design overall, the system is fast and efficient, and supports a wide range of applications. ASM WS896 wafer stepper features a field plate design and hexapod multi-axis motion unit, allowing high-precision alignment flexibility and exceptional throughput rates. The hexapod allows each wafer to move independently and gives maximum stability and throughput. Additionally, the stepper can perform multiple functions such as guiding, registration, and wafer scanning. The machine also features a high-grade optical arrangement, with a telecentric lens tool for the design and optimization of images in the wafer stage. This optical asset ensures that the pattern is accurately projected onto the wafer, and the slit radial field helps boost the model's performance and accuracy. Additionally, the equipment supports sophisticated exposure correction capabilities, which reduce focus and patterning errors and increase the process throughput. The system also offers a wide range of process and image control features, ensuring reliable production of high-quality microstructures. These features include automated focus break detection, advanced edge-placement accuracy, cluster-placement control, and auto edge-detection alignment. Additionally, the unit makes use of a multi-step compensator and automatic die rotation, ensuring accurate placement of microstructures. In conclusion, WS 896 is a state-of-the-art wafer stepper designed for cost-effective production. Featuring superior design, high-grade optics, and a range of performance and control features, the machine is fast, efficient, and ensures reliable production of microstructures with high accuracy.
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