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ASM WS 896
WS 896
ID: 9144222
Vintage: 2007
Chip scanners 2007 vintage.
ASM WS 896 is an advanced wafer stepper designed to provide precise and repeatable wafer stepper processing. It is ideal for both research and industrial applications and is optimized to meet the highest performance requirements. ASM WS896 features a large-scale, high-resolution advanced optical lens system with 4DOF motor control. This allows for full 3D patterning and surface features with an accuracy of 0.7 microns. The machine also features ultra-fast multiple field-of-view scanning and 60 μm focus variation, resulting in ultra-fine imaging and data acquisition for a range of application requirements. WS 896 is able to operate at a maximum speed of 1600 steps per second, resulting in minimal drift and highly accurate scanning. Additionally, the stepper is equipped with limiting exposure time functions to ensure precise pattern features. It also offers an optical encoder for precise pattern positioning. The stepper can process a maximum Wafer size of up to 12", allowing a large variety of wafer size workflows. Additionally, it comes with a 300mm configuration capability to offer best-fit processing. WS896 includes a rigorous safety design, with proximitized proximity sensors and ultra-precise clamps. It also offers a patented optimized 4-point active clamp which ensures perfectly flat wafers and precise positioning. Furthermore, the type 896 features a fully automated wafer loading/unloading solution, for increased efficiency and improved safety. It supports both manual and automatic loading. The wafer stepper also features CCD alignment to ensure precise and repeatable registration and sculling. As well as being compatible with various standard control systems, its software packages support realistic 3D simulations and visualization. In conclusion, ASM WS 896 is a reliable and versatile wafer stepper suitable for a wide range of applications. Its advanced optics, accurate patterning, and safe, efficient wafer loading and unloading make it an ideal choice for research and industrial requirements.
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