Used ASM WS 896 #9159227 for sale

ASM WS 896
WS 896
ID: 9159227
Vintage: 2007
Wafer scanners Currently de-installed 2007 vintage.
ASM WS 896 is an advanced wafer stepper manufactured by ASM Linx, a leading supplier of production-equipment for the semiconductor industry. The stepper is capable of carrying out the lithography process for advanced CMOS, MEMS, and MEMS-on-CMOS devices. The wafer stepper is equipped with a powerful 3-axis motor, which ensures precise alignment among the components of the device and ensures high-precision exposure of the wafer. The equipment's 4-to-6-mm spot size allows for a wide range of processes, from single exposure to gate array processes. The stepper also features a maximum exposure speed of 500 wafers per hour which allows for increased production speed and throughput. In addition, the system is equipped with an advanced optical unit, which ensures uniform illumination over the entire wafer substrate and ensures uniform photon dose across all masks and structures. This makes ASM WS896 one of the most reliable and precise lithography tools available. The stepper also features a full suite of alignment and pattern checking functions which help reduce production error, and a built-in cross-positioning machine for the highest accuracy. The tool comes with a state of the art CCD monitor which allows for alignment and optimization of the asset parameters. WS 896 also features EasyRun etch control software, allowing for precise Etching processes, such as dry etching, as well as wet etching. The Etching control software allows for global, advanced etching parameters such as angle of etch, rate of etch, and etch rate protection. In addition, WS896 features a low-vibration stepper design which reduces the level of noise produced, making the model suitable for industrial use and enhances the performance of the tool. The equipment also features a number of safety features such as temperature monitoring, power ejection, and multiple user-settable safety limits. Overall, ASM WS 896 wafer stepper is a powerful and reliable lithography tool with a wide range of features and functions which make it suitable for a wide range of applications. From production-level precision exposure of wafers to etching and optimization of processes, the system offers a reliable, high-precision solution for a variety of production requirements.
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