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ASM WS 896
WS 896
ID: 9168203
Chip scanners
ASM WS 896 is a wafer stepper designed and manufactured by ASM Japan Corporation, an optical manufacturing company located in Japan. This stepper was developed to assist in the production of microelectronic components, such as integrated circuits. ASM WS896 wafer stepper is designed to enable precise alignment of a wafer and a reticle, allowing for photolithographic printing on the wafer. This machine is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment, featuring a variety of components that enable it to accurately project the reticle pattern onto the wafer. WS 896 is outfitted with several high-end components, such as a laser projected pattern generator, a high speed stage equipment, and high precision beam scan sensors. Additionally, the stepper is equipped with an advanced wafer manipulation system, which enables it to accurately position the wafer in a manner conducive to effective photolithography. Another key component of WS896 is its advanced imaging unit. This machine includes a high resolution CCD camera, which allows the engineer to accurately inspect the inner structure of the reticle and the resulting pattern of the wafer. Additionally, the imaging tool provides a 3-dimensional topographic map of the wafer, allowing for further inspection of the printed structures. ASM WS 896 also has a specialized operating software, which allows the engineer to accurately control the various components of the machine. This software enables the engineer to program in which locations on the wafer the reticle patterns should be printed, as well as other pertinent information relevant to the process. Overall, ASM WS896 is an advanced piece of technology that is used in the production of many microelectronic components. It enables higher levels of precision and accuracy than would otherwise be available, thereby increasing the quality and reliability of the components produced. It can be a valuable tool for wafer processing, and provides an invaluable contribution towards increasing the efficiency of manufacturing.
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