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ASML PAS 5000 / 50
ID: 293621670
Vintage: 2005
Stepper Chiller PC Power supply 2005 vintage.
ASML PAS 5000 / 50 is a high-precision wafer step tray manufactured by the Netherlands-based company ASML Holdings NV. The stepper is a full-field scanning equipment designed for the processing of large and small substrates, including silicon wafers, organic substrates, and optical glass sheets. It enables the creation of precision micro-scale features with a minimum feature size of 0.15 μm (1.5nm). ASML PAS 5000/50 is built on a robust mechanical design that concentrates laser and optics on the substage. This sophisticated system allows the machine to scan and expose the workpiece with a programmed image. The stepper is able to handle transparent substrates, ranging from silicon wafers to substrates up to 15.75-inch diameter. The stepper consists of three key sections, which are a scanning table, an illumination unit, and an optical machine. The scanning table consists of a two-dimensional arrangement of electromagnets and two X-Y tables for wafer positioning. The electromagnetic coils are used to drive the two X-Y tables, providing a maximum displacement of 80mm (3.14 inches). The illumination tool comprises an 80 W UV laser, an optional 12 W UV laser, a deformable-mirror corrector, and an array of optics, including high-precision lenses. The high-speed lasers are capable of scanning with a repetition rate of up to 420 Hz, allowing a line exposure time of 0.15 seconds (10 ms). The stepper is also able to detect and correct aberrations across the patterned area and minimize the effects of focus variations. PAS 5000 / 50's optical asset features an array of short and long focal length lenses, together with a double-telecentric corrector. The lenses are designed to reduce aberrations across the field of view while achieving a best-in-class image spot size from 0.6 μm to 6 μm. The stepper also comes equipped with a range of cameras for imaging and alignments. PAS 5000/50 is a versatile tool for various advanced microscopy applications. It is a reliable choice for users who need to produce high-precision patterned substrates for the manufacture of ICs, displays, and optics. The stepper is reliable, efficient and provides effective solutions for a wide range of tasks from research and development to high-volume production.