Used NIKON NSR 2005 i10C #9283324 for sale

This NIKON NSR 2005 i10C has been sold.

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ID#: 9283324





Wafer Size:


Equipment Details:

Stepper, 4"

Main body
Controller rack
AC Unit
NA Variable system
Maximum NA: 0.57
Reticle size: 6"
(20) Reticle microscopes
Wafer chuck: 6"
Wafer chuck type: Ring
(6) Pre-alignment 2: Flat
(6) Pre-alignment 2 hammers
Wafer loader: Type 1
Chip leveling
Wafer carrier table: Left / Right
Alignment sensor: LSA
No in-line
No on-line
No in-line interface
No wafer alignment assist microscope
No wafer edge exposure
No signal tower
No power meter / Test reticles
No reticle cases
No remote controller

2012 vintage.