Used ACCRETECH / TSK AM16019 #9193392 for sale

ID: 9193392
Vintage: 2007
Wafer thickness measurement systems 2007 vintage.
ACCRETECH / TSK AM16019 is an automated, large-scale wafer testing and metrology equipment ideal for semiconductor device manufacturing. It features high accuracy and a wide range of measurement capabilities, allowing it to meet the needs of most mass production testing environments. The main feature of TSK AM16019 is its tester station, which is capable of quickly testing up to 500 wafers per hour. It can be used for a variety of application areas, including parametric and functional testing, probe card use, and flip-chip testing. Its design allows for easy access to large components and fixtures, providing efficient testing and diagnostics. The metrology portion of the system provides reliable measurements of a variety of device parameters, such as electrical, optical, and mechanical characteristics. It uses different types of imaging, scanning, and other metrology techniques to obtain precise measurements of a variety of device characteristics. This unit features a large-scale 2D and 3D vision with precise and repeatable calibration techniques to ensure accurate and quick testing. ACCRETECH AM16019 machine also offers advanced test control software that enables easy setup for complex operations. This software supports features such as parameter optimization, data logging, and custom recipes to automate the testing process. In addition, it includes machine learning and deep learning technologies that allow for smart decision-making and failure analysis. The tool also includes an analysis station that provides tools for post-measurement data analysis. It allows users to visualize the data, and easily identify potential problems through various graphs and statistical operations. Furthermore, this analysis station features traceability and data security capabilities, making it easier to ensure product consistency. In conclusion, AM16019 is a powerful wafer testing and metrology asset designed to meet the needs of modern mass production environments. It is capable of quickly and accurately testing and measuring a variety of device parameters, and its advanced software and analysis station enable efficient and reliable testing and analysis of data.
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