Used ACCRETECH / TSK E-MF1000-100 #9226931 for sale

ID: 9226931
Wafer Size: 8"
Wafer thickness measurement system, 8".
ACCRETECH / TSK E-MF1000-100 is a highly intelligent, highly accurate wafer testing and metrology equipment from one of the leading providers of wafer testing solutions. This system is designed and built to streamline and automate wafer testing processes while maintaining the highest levels of accuracy. TSK E-MF1000-100 comprises of three main components, the inspection module, primary measurement module and the wafer inspection arm. The inspection module is equipped with an automated wafer handling unit that is capable of quickly and accurately transferring wafers from cassette to cassette. It also features a sophisticated optical machine that is able to inspect and measure a variety of features on the wafer surface, including heights, thicknesses, cracks, bubbles, undulations, and more. The primary measurement module is equipped with a high-resolution reflection microscope and objective lens, and is designed to detect and measure tiny structures, such as nanoparticles, on the surface of the wafer. The wafer inspection arm has an integrated camera, powerful search algorithms and high-speed scan control which makes it capable of rapidly and precisely locating features on the wafer. ACCRETECH E MF1000 100 offers many advantages compared to traditional wafer testing systems. Its highly-sensitive optical tool can detect even the most minute defects on the wafer surface. Its automated wafer handling asset improves the accuracy and speed of wafer transfer, reducing the likelihood of incorrect measurement or damage due to manual handling. The integrated camera and advanced algorithms of the wafer inspection arm make scanning for features quick and efficient. In addition, TSK E MF1000 100 is highly customizable, and is able to integrate seamlessly with other metrology instruments, such as SEMs, X-ray machines etc. to provide the user with even more accurate, comprehensive metrology data. Overall, E-MF1000-100 is a powerful, intuitive and accurate wafer testing and metrology solution that provides reliable results and increased productivity. It is the ideal choice for those who require the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency in their metrology needs.
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