Used ACCRETECH / TSK Surfcom 578A #9226928 for sale

ACCRETECH / TSK Surfcom 578A
ID: 9226928
Wafer Size: 8"
Wafer surface measurement system, 8".
ACCRETECH / TSK Surfcom 578A is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment that provides automatic complex measurement, high accuracy results, and a wide range of sample sizes. This system is designed for semiconductor devices, biological membranes, and other thin films. It is capable of accurately measuring surface roughness, flatness, step heights, and profile depths. It also provides an automated surface topography evaluation of various surface conditions. The unit is equipped with an array of sensors, including a differential interference microscope (DIM) and a laser beam profiler (LBP). The DIM sensor provides accuracy and resolution of up to 1 nanometer, allowing for extremely precise measurements. The LBP provides accurate, rapid, and non-destructive measurement of surface topography, allowing for unparalleled resolution and accuracy. TSK Surfcom 578A is built with automated sample handling and data capture. It has a high-speed sample stage and a large sample window that support different measurement areas. Additionally, it features an automatic glass holder, which can be configured to accommodate various substrate sizes, enabling a wide range of sample sizes to be measured. The machine offers various data acquisition types, including 2D image analysis, 3D image point profiling, 2D depth hardness mapping, and 3D scanning roadmap. Additionally, it is equipped with various statistical analysis software, including parameter mapping and line scanning for improved analysis. To ensure the accuracy of the results, ACCRETECH Surfcom 578A is equipped with automatic surface preparation that removes contamination from the sample surface by cleaning, etching, and spray rinsing. The tool also automatically adjusts the measurement temperature as necessary for various processes. Overall, Surfcom 578A is an advanced asset designed to provide rapid, accurate, and automated wafer testing and metrology. It offers high accuracy and resolution measurements with automated handling of samples, and is capable of handling a wide range of sample sizes. Its automated surface preparation model ensures the accuracy of results while its statistical analysis software adds further value to the equipment.
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