Used ADE / KLA / TENCOR (Wafer Testing And Metrology) for sale

ADE, now part of KLA/Tencor, is a well-known manufacturer of wafer testing and metrology equipment. These systems play a crucial role in the semiconductor industry, ensuring the quality and reliability of wafers used for manufacturing microchips. A few notable units from ADE/KLA/Tencor include the 9500 UltraGage, 9500, and AFS 3220. The 9500 UltraGage is an advanced wafer testing system that offers high-resolution measurements essential for critical process control. It utilizes non-contact optical technology, providing accurate thickness and topography measurements for a wide range of wafer materials and structures. The 9500 system, on the other hand, is a versatile wafer surface analysis platform. It leverages multiple optical technologies to deliver comprehensive measurements of parameters such as surface roughness, film thickness, and stratification. This system offers rapid data acquisition and can be customized to meet specific testing requirements. Furthermore, the AFS 3220 is a robust wafer inspection system designed for the advanced packaging market. It employs advanced algorithms to detect and classify defects on a variety of wafer types, including bumps, pads, and films. The AFS 3220 provides high throughput and sensitivity, enabling efficient defect inspection and reduction in false positives. These ADE/KLA/Tencor machines offer several advantages in wafer testing and metrology. They provide high accuracy and repeatability, which is crucial for ensuring chip quality and minimizing defects. Moreover, these tools offer comprehensive measurement capabilities, enabling manufacturers to obtain detailed information about wafer characteristics. With their flexibility and customization options, the ADE/KLA/Tencor assets can cater to various wafer sizes, materials, and structures. In summary, ADE/KLA/Tencor is a reputable manufacturer of wafer testing and metrology models offering a range of solutions like the 9500 UltraGage, 9500, and AFS 3220. These equipment provide extensive capabilities, high accuracy, and flexibility, contributing to the advancement and quality control of semiconductor manufacturing processes.