Used ADVANCED ENERGY VT7012 P2 #9200360 for sale

ID: 9200360
Automatic measurement system With thermal resistance.
ADVANCED ENERGY VT7012 P2 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that provides fast and accurate inspection and analysis of semiconductor wafers. Featuring a fully automated microscope, VT7012 P2 offers a comprehensive set of capabilities for characterizing the electrical, physical, and chemical properties of virtually any type of semiconductor wafer. The system utilizes optical and laser interferometry technology to measure the topography of wafers, as well as the thickness and leakage properties. The data from these operations is used to form the basis for a variety of engineered products, such as integrated circuits and other semiconductor devices. The unit is integrated with the vision guided fabrication line (VGF) and other control systems to ensure reliable production of the required inputs. ADVANCED ENERGY VT7012 P2 features a powerful 80 kHz scanning laser diode and precision interferometer for precise measurement of the feature depth and shape. Additionally, the machine also includes a 5-axis scanner which allows for excellent adjustment of the probe for in-plane and cross-plane measurements. This ensures that the measurements are consistently accurate even after repeated operations. The tool also comes with an integrated suite of software programs that allows for efficient and maximized utilization of the asset. These include a user-friendly model for designing and programming of experiments and workflows. Other features such as automatic controllers and alarms ensure that process conditions remain optimal to yield reliable results. All in all, VT7012 P2 is an excellent choice for any application involving wafer-level testing and metrology. It is robust and reliable, with a long list of features that make it one of the most comprehensive wafer testing and metrology systems available.
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