Used ADVANCED ENGINEERING 871 #175668 for sale

ID: 175668
Wafer Size: 8"
Vintage: 2007
Wafer mounter, 8", 2007 vintage.
ADVANCED ENGINEERING 871 (AE871) is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to enable manufacturers to carry out highly accurate, complex metrology tasks. The system is engineered to make it easier to check wafer specifications and measure surface characteristics. The AE871 offers superior surface roughness, small edge-size capabilities, large measurement range and flexibility. The unit is comprised of two primary components - the metrology dome and the metrology probe. The metrology dome is an optically-corrected dome that ensures uniform illumination of the cavity wall for every measurement point. It minimizes depth variation and ensures superior measurement accuracy. The metrology probe, with its interchangeable tips, measures a wide range of wafer dimensions and surface characteristics. The AE871 machine also features a high-precision optical probe calibration tool. The special design ensures that the asset can be calibrated to the highest precision with accuracy below 10 nm. The model allows for fingertip-sized features to be measured with 0.25-micron resolution for an overall range of measurement capacity from 0 to 4 mm. The on-board X-Y-Z-axis stage drives of the AE871 are designed to keep measure points within the metrology dome, ensuring stability and accuracy. The adjustable height of the variable-speed Y-Axis further optimizes performance, while the precision alignment of the dome allows for full area coverage of the wafer. The AE871 equipment integrates a data acquisition and analysis software package that allows for comprehensive data analysis. The software offers a library of macros and data handling processes. Through these features, AE871 enables operators to review and analyze data critically for decision-making. In addition, the AE871 comes with the SCANit-8 software, which is designed to control the data acquisition and processing operations. It can control the metrology probe's position, measure and store data. The software also provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for creating, viewing and adjusting data. Overall, the AE871 wafer testing and metrology system enables manufacturers to take measurements quickly and accurately. The combination of advanced hardware and software allows for full coverage of wafer surfaces, improved accuracy and efficiency, and flexible data acquisition and analysis operations. This complete metrology package can help manufacturers achieve higher product quality, greater productivity and faster product turn-around times.
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