Used ADVANCED ENGINEERING VWM-871 #170437 for sale

ID: 170437
Wafer Size: Up to 8"
Semi-automatic vacuum wafer mounter, up to 8" Heated 8" wafer chuck with digital display UV tape backing removal rollers LCD menu driven controller Automatic motorized tape cutting Differential vacuum pressure technique.
ADVANCED ENGINEERING VWM-871 is a highly sophisticated wafer testing and metrology equipment, designed to provide superior accuracy and performance in a variety of applications. The system boasts a die-level wafer test platform, with a maximum wafer size of up to 8 inches, along with an integrated optical metrology unit that can process up to 77 wafers per hour. The machine is designed with superior accuracy and high-speed in mind, and is capable of producing extremely precise results in a short amount of time. The tool is made up of two main components - the testing station and the optical metrology unit. The testing station is composed of two independent, high-resolution optical microscopes, two high-sensitivity probe heads, and an image-based testing asset. This model is connected to the optical metrology unit, which is a scanning interferometer equipment that uses laser light sources to measure various wafer characteristics such as surface flatness, roughness, and angle of incidence. The system features a user-friendly graphical interface allowing for easy setup and operation. The data collected from the unit can be processed and analyzed using a variety of software tools and packages. For example, the metrology unit is able to provide 3-D maps of the wafer's surfaces, and can even generate high-resolution images of the wafer's surface topography. The machine is designed to maximize precision, with high-resolution imaging and measuring capabilities, as well as a variety of techniques and methods for data analysis. The tool is capable of providing extremely precise and highly detailed results, and is built to withstand even the most challenging conditions. VWM-871 is also designed to be reliable and durable, and can be operated with minimal service and maintenance. Overall, ADVANCED ENGINEERING VWM-871 is an incredibly advanced and sophisticated wafer testing and metrology asset. With its high resolution optics, integrated optical metrology model, and user-friendly graphical interface, the equipment is capable of producing exceptional results with great accuracy and speed. The system is reliable, durable and easy to maintain, allowing users to produce superior quality results quickly and effectively.
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