Used ADVANCED MICRO PRODUCT WL-200 #9074389 for sale

ID: 9074389
Vintage: 2009
Backside wafer inspection system 2009 vintage.
ADVANCED MICRO PRODUCT WL-200 is a powerful wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for both laboratory and industrial use. It is a powerful tool that offers users a wide range of flexibility and functionality to help them accurately measure, inspect and test wafers. WL-200 has the ability to quickly measure the thickness, surface roughness and overall shape of wafers. It utilizes two separate scanning techniques, optical scanning and stylus scanning. Optical scanning is used to gather information about the wafer surface, and is most accurate when used with a light source. ADVANCED MICRO PRODUCT WL-200 is also capable of stylus scanning, which can be used to measure a variety of properties including surface roughness, surface texture, and film thickness. It integrates a powerful image analysis software package, which makes it easy to compare the initial and final images, in order to determine any discrepancies or degrading in quality over time. This image analysis software also includes graphical display capabilities for quickly studying the wafer's changes in shape, over time. Furthermore, WL-200 is equipped with a milling head, which allows users to perform various manufacturing processes including plasma etching, masking, and dicing. Additionally, its high-precision linear positioning system ensures that users can accurately and precisely measure small indents and pinholes in the wafer. ADVANCED MICRO PRODUCT WL-200 is an exceptionally reliable unit that comes with a powerful set of features and accessories. It is intuitive and easy to use, which makes it suitable for both experienced and novice users. Additionally, it offers a wide range of customization options, allowing users to tailor the machine to their specific requirements. Overall, WL-200 is an ideal tool for accurately measuring, inspecting and testing wafers. It combines several powerful capabilities, such as optical and stylus scanning, image analysis, and milling head capabilities, making it a versatile and reliable tool. Furthermore, its intuitive design, customizable options, and affordable price tag ensure that users get their money's worth.
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