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ID: 9249417
CD Measurement system.
AMAT / APPLIED MATERIALS Reticle SEM is a wafer testing and metrology equipment specifically designed for semiconductor manufacturing and research. AMAT Reticle SEM is a scanning electron microscope that can accurately measure and analyze critical levels of wafer surface details and conditions. This SEM can detect and measure physical features and defects with extremely high precision and accuracy. The SEM allows for static and dynamic analysis of surfaces, allowing for measurement and analysis of changes related to ambient environment and other variables. APPLIED MATERIALS Reticle SEM allows for a wide range of wafer surface defect inspection, characterization, and analysis. It can capture, record, and process data related to surface morphologies, critical dimensions, electrical characteristics, chemical composition, and more. This SEM is designed specifically for wafer and other semiconductor metrology applications. The system includes a powerful, optimized electron optics unit that provides superior high contrast imaging with enhanced resolution features. It also features an integrated automated XYZ stage positioning machine that allows for automated wafer data acquisition and analysis within a short timeframe. The SEM utilizes an open architecture that provides the flexibility for tool customizations to accommodate multiple technologies and process requirements. This flexible and modular design provides an ideal environment for users to configure their own test setups and data acquisition plans. Reticle SEM is also adaptable to the needs of the end user, with advanced instruments and analytical capabilities that can be easily customized for larger measurements, improved imaging, and increased accuracy. In addition, AMAT / APPLIED MATERIALS Reticle SEM is designed for automation, allowing users to create predetermined analysis plans that can be triggered to run unattended tests. At a glance, AMAT Reticle SEM is a powerful and versatile tool for semiconductor wafer and reticle metrology. It provides superior high-resolution imaging and high-precision measurement with excellent throughput and repeatability for a wide range of applications.This sophisticated machine enables operators to capture, record, and process data with ease. Its flexible architecture and integrated XYZ positioning asset also offers operators a level of customizability and automation that makes it ideal for many applications.
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