Used AMAT / APPLIED MATERIALS VeraSEM 3D #9145246 for sale

ID: 9145246
Wafer Size: 8"
Vintage: 2004
3D SEM systems, 8" 2004 vintage.
AMAT/AMAT / APPLIED MATERIALS VeraSEM 3D is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment. The system is capable of high-precision, three-dimensional wafer measurements. It uses APPLIED MATERIALS proprietary optics, motion control, software algorithms, and sensors to deliver highly accurate, high-speed results. The unit is highly automated, with the ability to scan multiple wafers and samples in a single cycle. It includes an advanced imaging machine, which can collect a wide variety of data from a single wafer, and an auto-focus tool for maximum efficiency. AMAT VeraSEM 3D also has a high resolution scanner for sub-surface imaging, enabling users to collect detailed information below the surface of a sample. The asset can be used to analyze defects, particle densities, layer structure, overlay accuracy, and more. The model has a versatile robotic platen swapping equipment, which allows each wafer to be changed quickly and without any manual intervention. It also features a user-friendly graphical user interface, allowing users to customize each test cycle, and create automated test sequences. The system is also highly robust and reliable, ensuring consistent results. It is equipped with a comprehensive diagnostics unit, which can identify and troubleshoot any defects or machine errors. APPLIED MATERIALS VeraSEM 3D is the perfect tool for manufacturers looking to maximize accuracy and efficiency in their wafer testing and metrology. It is a highly capable tool, capable of delivering repeatable and reliable results in any production environment.
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