Used APT 1110 #59704 for sale

APT 1110
ID: 59704
Cleaner, with Brush, 8".
APT 1110 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that provides fast, reliable, repeatable, and economical results. It delivers exceptional performance for a wide variety of wafer thickness, topography, and composition tests. 1110 employs direct-reading laser displacement technology, making it one of the lightest and most precise measurement systems on the market. It is able to read accurately over a wide range of wafer types, from 0.015mm up to 300mm diameter. APT 1110 offers a full range of possible configurations including variable focus lenses, variable laser power and a variable spot size to match different test applications. For even more accuracy, 1110 utilizes an automated optical system that can quickly and accurately capture and measure wafer-edge effects. This unit maximizes inspection speed while minimizing potential errors. APT 1110 is also equipped with a high-resolution CCD sensor, allowing it to provide accurate images of the measured wafer surface. This allows the user to more easily identify potential defects and make the necessary adjustments. In addition, 1110 can be used to perform a wide range of precise metrology tests. It can measure features such as line-width, curvature, thickness, tilt, and flatness. It is also capable of sub-micron 3D measurements. Lastly, APT 1110 is built for easy use and fast testing. It has an intuitive user interface and can run complex measurements in a fraction of the time of other systems on the market. The machine also has an integrated central data acquisition tool for easy data collection and analysis. Overall, 1110 is an ideal wafer testing and metrology asset for quality control, R&D, and production processes. Its combination of superior accuracy and high speed make it one of the best systems available today.
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