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ID: 123353
Resistivity monitor white box.
ARROWHEAD 920M wafer testing and metrology system is a highly integrated, high throughput wafer testing and metrology solution designed to meet the demands of the modern semiconductor industry. It provides advanced capabilities such as automated wafer imaging and non-destructive inspection, powered by an integrated universal advanced wafer tester interface, to accurately and reliably measure analog and digital performance of devices on semiconductor wafers. 920M is based on a proprietary metrology platform engineered to maximize device test accuracy and efficiency. It features advanced imaging and inspection technologies such as charged coupled device (CCD) and laser-based devices, enabling non-destructive optical-level device characterization and inspection. This includes microprobe, advanced non-contact measuring of contact and non-contact current and voltage measurement capabilities. The device metrology engine is integrated with the device tester, enabling greater accuracy and faster turnaround times than conventional testing platforms. ARROWHEAD 920M's comprehensive suite of metrology solutions has drastically improved the rate of semiconductor wafer testing and characterization. The system is easily configurable, supporting state-of-the-art testing methods with tool-specific setups. 920M features a powerful software package which is fully compatible with a variety of operating systems. The software can be easily updated to take advantage of industry-leading features, such as automated wafer defect mapping, as well as the integration of customized algorithms and libraries. This ensures that customers always have access to the latest in state-of-the-art metrology tools and techniques. ARROWHEAD 920M's specifications and features make it a truly comprehensive wafer testing and metrology solution, firmly establishing 920M as the gold standard in its class. Its flexibility ensures it can accommodate any testing requirements, from the most advanced wafer characterization to simple analog tests. ARROWHEAD 920M is an invaluable tool to any semiconductor facility, enabling customers to increase yield, achieve rapid turnaround times, and reduce costs associated with device testing and inspection.
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