Used ASM WS 896 #9160935 for sale

ID: 9160935
Vintage: 2005
Wafer scanners Currently installed in clean room 2005 vintage.
ASM WS 896 is a sophisticated wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to satisfy the needs of the semiconductor industry. It is designed for inspecting and analysing the electrical, optical, and mechanical properties of individual wafers, as well as providing measurements of them. The system is based on an advanced Optical Interferometer, which uses pure Monochromatic Laser beam to reveal minute surface details. It is capable of providing non-contacting, high resolution 3D images of surfaces, as well as precisely measuring their geometric properties, including roughness, slope, texture, etc. The unit also includes a Bridge Measurement Station, which uses CCD technology, electric probes, and software to analyse the electrical properties of wafers. It is capable of performing various types of measurements, such as threshold voltage, contact resistivity, leakage current, breakdown voltage, etc. The machine includes a data acquisition tool and a data analysis software, which can be used to extract, store, and analyse data for further research. The data can be used in various areas, such as process improvement, defect analysis, yield monitoring, and semiconductor product development. The asset also offers other advanced features, such as advanced graphic display, real-time feedback of the testing process, statistical information analysis, and networking capabilities. The user can choose from a wide variety of modules, such as image capture, modelling, and simulation, to customize the model according to their specific requirements. Overall, ASM WS896 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment offering unparalleled accuracy and features to the semiconductor industry. It is highly versatile, and can be used for a range of testing and metrology applications.
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