Used ASML YieldStar S100 #9205646 for sale

ASML YieldStar S100
ID: 9205646
Wafer Size: 12"
Overlay measurement system, 12" Non functional.
ASML YieldStar S100 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment developed by ASML that measures flatness, defectivity, and other crucial wafer parameters to improve yield and reliability. It uses advanced optical metrology, including spatial light interference microscopy (SLIM), to inspect the entire wafer, thus providing comprehensive information about the wafer structure and its parameters. ASML YIELDSTAR S-100 includes up to four wafer test and metrology systems, each capable of inspecting sixteen wafers at a time. It is capable of measuring up to 30,000 measurement points, and features low subsurface defect detection as well as dark field and phase shifting capabilities. Its Intra-field and Cross-field metrology system measures parameters over the entire wafer surface, and is able to rapidly complete accurate measurements on exposed and complex layered semiconductors. YieldStar S100 also provides powerful software packages such as Advanced BDF Deformable Mirror (ADM) for efficient and reliable metrology. This enables the unit to process a large number of measurement points in a short time, improving productivity. Additionally, YIELDSTAR S-100 utilizes an EWF stage that accurately moves and rotates the wafer automatically. Its integrated vacuum chamber and air bearing turbine provide a contamination-free testing environment, thereby ensuring higher accuracy for the measurements. ASML "FlexFilm" cassette machine is used to ensure that the wafers reach the tool in the same condition they leave the factory, with no additional handling that can affect the result of the measurements. Overall, ASML YieldStar S100 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology asset capable of providing comprehensive, accurate, and reliable results for even complex layered semiconductors. It features high-speed measurement, low subsurface defect detection, phase shift capability, and contamination-free testing that can reduce delays, optimize yields, and save costs.
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