Used AXIC 100 II #62113 for sale

ID: 62113
Wafer Size: 8"
XRF thin film measurement system, 8" WDX and EDS spectrometers Configured for Wt% P in PSG.
AXIC 100 II is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to deliver powerful on-wafer testing capabilities. This system offers high-precision, accurate, and reliable measurements of both electrical and physical parameters with its high-performance probing and metrology technology, allowing users to achieve the best possible results. It is well-suited for various types of wafer testing, such as wafer mapping, defect measurements, and device characterization, enabling users to develop reliable and efficient products. 100 II offers accurate and fast measurements of various parameters with its integrated TruSem module, which features a very high resolution 3D profile scanner and a fully automated local metrology unit. The TruSem enables the user to easily measure critical physical characteristics such as surface roughness, etch depth, pitch, and relief. This machine also includes a robust suite of advanced software tools that allow the user to create complex profiles and perform more detailed measurements. AXIC 100 II also includes an integrated parametric probing platform which offers an ultra-sensitive capacitance measure and fast Kelvin test capabilities. This allows the user to measure the physical and electrical properties of materials and devices accurately, quickly, and easily. The tool is also equipped with an advanced die-to-die overlay technology, which helps optimize the device overlay performance. Finally, the user-friendly and intuitive software environment allows users to easily configure the asset and achieve faster and accurate results. Furthermore, 100 II's graphical interface is well adopted and makes the model very easy to navigate for users. With its powerful combination of advanced technologies and reliable performance, AXIC 100 II is a great choice for any wafer testing and metrology needs.
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