Used AXIC 1000 XRF #9196366 for sale

ID: 9196366
Wafer Size: 4"-8"
Metal thickness measurement tool, 4"-8".
AXIC 1000 XRF is a wafer testing and metrology equipment specifically designed to validate the quality and performance of integrated circuits. It is capable of testing individual integrated circuits and full wafers at high speed with accurate and reliable results. The system is equipped with a wide range of features that enable it to accurately measure all physical and electrical properties of integrated circuits, including connectivity, electrical characteristics, component specifications, and package assembly. 1000 XRF also includes advanced measurement capabilities for managing and visualizing large volumes of wafer test data. The unit employs the advanced X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology to detect and analyze minuscule defects that cannot be measured by other types of instruments. XRF technology makes use of electromagnetic radiation to excite and collect information from a sample under test. The XRF machine can measure the composition of the underlying layer along with detection of material defects. It also enables the tool to measure device structures, and isolate particles and other disruptive materials. AXIC 1000 XRF can measure hundreds of wafers per hour, ensuring fast throughput. It offers high accuracy and low noise levels, which enable it to identify production issues in an efficient and timely manner. The asset also allows for remote monitoring and control of wafers through its web interface. 1000 XRF is an ideal wafer testing and metrology model for integrated circuit manufacturers. With its high accuracy and speed, the equipment is able to detect and analyze micro-defects quickly and effectively. Its powerful XRF technology and remote monitoring capabilities allow manufacturers to efficiently and accurately ensure the quality of their products.
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