Used AXIC Precision 1000 #62114 for sale

ID: 62114
XRF thin film measurement system.
AXIC Precision 1000 is a high-end wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for semiconductor fabrication and electronics packaging applications. It is a fully automated, single-source testing and metrology solution that combines high-precision optical and tactile probing capabilities with advanced software analytics and data analysis. The system is able to measure wafer conformance, electrical leakage, and other critical parameters with an accuracy of +1/-0.75 μm. The unit can be equipped with a variety of probes and sensor tools including touch or non-contact optical, capacitance or electrical scanning, for reliable, high-precision data analysis. Precision 1000 is equipped with a 3D imaging machine that provides a complete topographical map of the wafer or PCB surface with a resolution of 0.2μm or better. It also includes a number of algorithms for statistical process control analysis for Yield analysis. The tool is built on a robust platform with integrated motion control and scanning capability. It is designed to perform rapid, accurate and repeatable measurements of key features such as flatness, surface roughness, warpage, and more. Further, it features a modular design that allows it to be easily adapted to various application requirements. Outside of its superior testing and metrology capabilities, AXIC Precision 1000 stands out for its ease of use. The asset is equipped with a 5.7-inch touch screen display, physical and virtual keyboards, and an intuitive user interface. Complex workflows such as setting up scans, changing parameters and analyzing data can be done quickly and accurately. In conclusion, Precision 1000 is a powerful, automated, and user-friendly wafer testing and metrology model that offers superior data accuracy and statistical process control analysis. The equipment is well-suited to a wide range of applications including semiconductor fabrication and electronics packaging.
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