Used AXIC Precision 1000 #9213660 for sale

ID: 9213660
Vintage: 1994
XRF Thin film measurement system 1994 vintage.
AXIC Precision 1000 is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment from AXIC Technologies. This system is designed for semiconductor manufacturers, offering fast and accurate measurements of parameters such as thickness, topography, magnetism and electrical properties of thin and ultra-thin wafers. It can handle a wide range of materials from ultrathin silicon wafers to multi-layer gallium nitride (GaN) and graphene-based materials. Precision 1000 provides automated wafer testing and metrology in the same unit, increasing throughput and providing accurate measurements over a range of samples. The machine includes an automated handling tool, allowing for rapid loading and unloading of wafers with minimal cleanup. A vacuum chamber is used to reduce the chance of contamination during handling and testing. An integrated optical measurement asset allows for high-resolution measurements of the features on a wafer. The model uses a high-resolution CCD camera and a variety of scanning modes including Area scan, Static pixel and Line scan. This allows for measurements of different types of topography, from optical to electrical, as well as magnetism. The equipment also includes a touch-sensitive screen for interactive data analysis. This screen allows user to drag and zoom functions to view measured results, as well as see complex contours and surface profiles. AXIC Precision 1000 also includes an automated cleaning station, which uses a combination of chemicals and physical scouring to clean wafers. The cleaning process can be set to a specific level to ensure consistent results. The cleaned wafers can then be removed for further processing or measurement. Overall, Precision 1000 offers an efficient, accurate and cost-effective wafer testing and metrology solution. By offering complete testing and metrology in one system, AXIC Precision 1000 eliminates the need for multiple systems and saves time and money. The included optical measurement unit and automated cleaning technology ensure results that are accurate, reproducible and reliable.
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