Used CANDELA OSA 5100 #183084 for sale

ID: 183084
Optical surface analysis tool.
CANDELA OSA 5100 is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for use in a wide range of semiconductor and photovoltaic device fabrication processes. The system is used to measure wafer geometry, wafer characteristics, film thickness and other physical properties of a wafer. It employs advanced optical and microscopy technologies to acquire quick and accurate measurements of up to 30 different characteristics of the sample. OSA 5100 comes with a motorized stage which can be used to move the sample in either X,Y or rotation format over a large measuring area. The large stage is capable of moving samples up to 8 inches in diameter. A number of options are available to provide even more flexibility in sample motion, including a rotary table. There are also several optional lighting options to suit different sample types. The unit also features an automated focus unit for rapid and accurate measurements. This automated focus capability is invaluable in rapidly scanning over large areas of samples and ensuring that measurements are made with maximum precision. In addition, CANDELA OSA 5100 features a high-resolution camera machine. This camera is capable of producing images at resolutions of up to 5 megapixels. This high-resolution camera is perfect for producing detailed images of microscopic features in the sample. It can also be used to produce larger images of larger features such as scratches and other defects. One of the most impressive features of OSA 5100 is its data analysis and characterisation capabilities. The tool can be programmed to automatically analyse, compare, measure and display images and data quickly and accurately. This makes it perfect for producing detailed reports on wafer geometry and other physical characteristics of the sample. Overall, CANDELA OSA 5100 is an incredibly capable wafer testing and metrology asset that is perfect for a wide range of semiconductor and photovoltaic device fabrication processes. It's versatile motorized stage and advanced imaging capabilities make it perfect for quickly and accurately measuring a variety of characteristics of a sample and producing detailed reports of the results.
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