Used CANDELA OSA 5100 #293604704 for sale

ID: 293604704
Optical surface analyzer.
CANDELA OSA 5100 wafer testing and metrology equipment is a highly capable and versatile system for measuring and analyzing the properties of semiconductor material such as wafers. It uses a variety of optical techniques, such as spectroscopy, diffraction, reflection, and interference, to measure properties such as thickness, uniformity, and texture of the wafer. OSA 5100 is equipped with a large scan head with a high numerical aperture (NA) which enables it to measure a wide range of wafer sizes with high accuracy. It has a motorized stage providing a maximum traversal speed of 100 µm/s with a minimum step size of 0.75 nm, ensuring high-precision measurements. In addition, CANDELA OSA 5100 is equipped with a high-resolution camera and a 6-inch monitor, which allows for precision observation of the wafer surface during measurements. Furthermore, the unit has multiple ports, allowing for the integration of external devices such as a probe head, grinding head, and laser source, providing more capabilities to the machine. OSA 5100 also has advanced software for controlling, monitoring, and analyzing the measurements. It offers several pre-configured measurement modes, such as thickness, depth, reflectivity, surface topography, stress, layer thickness, surface roughness and other wafer parameters. Moreover, the tool allows for the customizing of measurement parameters, enabling the user to accurately analyze different feature types. Finally, the asset allows for multiple data export formats such as PDF and DICOM. All the measurements and data can be stored in CANDELA OSA 5100's internal database for long-term storage, allowing for easy accessibility and review. These features of OSA 5100 make it a highly reliable and efficient model for wafer testing and metrology.
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