Used CANDELA OSA 5100 #9206447 for sale

ID: 9206447
Vintage: 2001
Optical surface analyzer 2001 vintage.
CANDELA OSA 5100 is a high-performance wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to enable precise analysis and characterization of semiconductor wafers for commercial or research applications. This system is equipped with a range of sophisticated optical and AFM (atomic force microscopy) microscopes that can make high resolution images of microscopic features, detect subtle changes in materials, and even capture atomic level details from the substrate surface. A powerful controller, consisting of a high-resolution camera unit and optical encoders, gives the unit the ability to precisely control the position, rotation, and velocity of the samples, ensuring accuracy and repeatability. Additionally, the machine is capable of performing numerous automated measurements and analyses in a wide variety of applications, including integrated circuit design and evaluation, surface topography measurements, surface charge analysis, optical testing, thin film analysis, x-ray analysis, and more. OSA 5100 is designed with an open architecture, allowing for quick and easy integration with various third-party components and software packages. This tool is also compatible with a number of different microscope probes, allowing for even greater flexibility in imaging and research applications. It is outfitted with a high-resolution optical microscope, an AFM microscope, and an eyepiece for easy viewing. The asset can be used with different resolution and wavelength ranges depending on the application, offering a wide range of possibilities for investigation of samples. CANDELA OSA 5100 includes an advanced TI (Time Integrated) imaging software package, which allows for real-time analysis and control of imaging tasks. This software makes use of both high-resolution images and AFM data to generate detailed surface maps and topological properties. In addition, this software can be used for drift and hysteresis monitoring, as well as dimensional measurements and optical calibration. Furthermore, OSA 5100 offers an easy to use interface to control multi-user environments. This model is extremely efficient, putting a professional wafer testing and metrology equipment at the fingertips of the user. The combination of powerful imaging capabilities, sophisticated software, and user-friendly interfaces sets CANDELA OSA 5100 apart from similar products on the market. Whether it's for commercial or research applications, OSA 5100 is the ideal choice for precision characterization of semiconductor wafers.
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